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Business Strategy - Business DevelopmentWith the recent advancement of AndroScience’s lead clinical programs in acne and alopecia, the Company has recently sought to engage with select partner pharmaceutical companies for further regulatory development and eventually commercialization of these two specific dermatology programs. In expanding its therapeutic pipeline into additional clinical stage programs, active value creation is being achieved in wound healing, prostate and other AR-related cancers, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and Kennedy’s Disease for which ASC seeks to partner at the Phase I level (Post IND) developmental stage.

Business development objectives for Acne and Alopecia include partnering with companies that possess historically active dermatology research and drug development divisions capable of navigating large-scale clinical trials, the international regulatory approval process, and beyond product launch. Given these immense dermatology markets, a robust, international market penetration and ability to engage in expansive marketing and sales strategies is critical. The ASC-J9® therapeutic compound has a clear potential to complement existing marketed dermatology agents/drugs but an even greater capacity as a disruptive technology in a field that has yet to appreciably change in terms of treatment options.

Business Strategy - Business DevelopmentUpon completion of further lead identification and formulation efforts, ASC seeks to partner with a pharmaceutical company prior to initiation of phase I trial in Prostate Cancer. Considered one of the most androgen dependent disease states for which limited pharmacological treatments exists for hormone refractory prostate cancer, ASC believes this therapeutic program, lead under the auspices of an oncology based pharmaceutical company has great therapeutic promise. Additional development in Benign Prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) also represents a significant unmet medical need for which current treatment approaches result in debilitating side effects.

Please enquire to for further information regarding our programs and the prospective licensing or co-development opportunities.

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