Corporate Overview

AndroScience Corporate OverviewAndroScience is a privately held San Diego, CA based drug discovery and clinical stage pharmaceutical company innovating proprietary small molecules to target disease dependent intracellular signaling events critical to the androgen receptor (AR) and Signal Transducer and Activation of Transcription (STAT) pathways.  Our research and drug development strategy focuses on topical and oral treatment approaches in areas of significant medical and commercial importance, including several androgen related diseases and different forms of cancer.  Each of ASC's therapeutic platforms demonstrate diverse medical applications, with lead compounds advanced in parallel for the treatment of pathologically related yet distinct clinical indications.

Both of ASC’s two therapeutic platforms are first-in-class MOA small molecules which selectively and potently inhibit aberrant or excessive levels of transcription factors activation.  An expanding pipeline of drug candidates is based on Androgen Receptor Degradation (ARD) Enhancers and selective STAT inhibitors.  ARD Enhancers display remarkable treatment potential in:  Acne (phase IIb), Alopecia (phase I/II), with preclinical stage proof of concept in Prostate Cancer, SBMA (Kennedy’s Disease), HBV induced HCC, Bladder Cancer, and Wound Healing.  STAT inhibitor compounds possess efficacy against a wide range of aggressive solid and hematological cancers and are undergoing preclinical development and final lead identification.

The lead ARD Enhancer programs include the clinical stage ASC-J9® in acne vulgaris, scheduled to commence in late 2010 (Phase IIb) using a separate formulation, ASC-J9® is also in development for treating alopecia or male pattern baldness (Phase I/II).  An advanced preclinical stage program in prostate cancer testing second generation ARD Enhancer ASC-JM type compounds is undergoing lead identification and oral formulation development.  In 2010, ASC advanced a proposal for a NIH collaborative grant in translational research  to develop an oral ARD Enhancer for treating SBMA, a rare hereditary neuromuscular orphan drug indication. ASC’s SBMA program submission received positive confirmation from the Office of Translational Research, National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke (NINDS) in anticipation a funding of $3.4 million for  the 3 year program to be started in early 2011.  ASC is also pursuing additional ARD Enhancer applications in HBV induced HCC and bladder cancer, where approach targeted on AR has recently been identified as a key target.

STAT represents an intracellular signaling pathway mediating cellular growth, inflammatory reactions, and when constitutively activated, is associated with malignant transformation and aggressive cellular growth.  ASC-JP compounds are synthetic small molecule inhibitors of STAT, exhibiting potent activity against STAT 3 & 5.  The ASC-JP sery compounds functionally attenuates anti‑apoptosis signaling events mediated by constitutive phosphorylation of STAT 3 & 5.  Promising data supports ASC-JP compounds in treating colon, pancreatic, lung, breast, head & neck, in addition to other solid and hematological cancers harboring STAT oncogenic activity. 

ASC’s business model is predicated on innovating patented drug compounds targeting high value signaling and transcription factors, receptors, and intracellular signal cascades; principally the AR and STAT activation pathways.  Through a robust in-house drug discovery and preclinical screening process, compounds are developed through early and mid-stage clinical testing in multiple clinical indications.  ASC actively seeks to secure co-development alliances and licensing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies offering the capabilities and capital required to bring novel drug products through regulatory approval in the United States, Europe, Asia and the larger global market stage.

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